Blogger vs WordPress Which is better and why?

There are many platforms for creating websites or blogs for free, such as WordPress, Wix, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. In addition to these, there are many online platforms through which you can create a website for free. The two most popular and most used platforms of the present time are WordPress and Blogger. Half of the websites on the Internet are built on Blogger and WordPress. Both WordPress and Blogger platforms are very easy to manage. You can easily create a modern blog website using WordPress and Blogger. However, there are many differences between the WordPress and Blogger platforms, and the two platforms have different features.

Now the question may arise in your mind, which platform is most suitable for blogging? That’s why you need to know about WordPress and blogging. So let’s not know what are the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress and blogging. Which would be best to use.

✡ What is WordPress? The most popular CMS in the world is WordPress. It is an extremely powerful and simple platform. Using this platform you can easily create an amazing website. Creating a website on WordPress is very easy. 34% of all websites on the Internet are built using WordPress CMS. The funniest thing is, you don’t need to know coding or programming to create a WordPress website.

✡ What is Blogger? Blogger is a kind of article publishing tools. You can create a free website using blogs. Blogger is a popular CMS service from Google. So to use the blog website you need to have a Google account. The most interesting thing is that you do not need to buy separate hosting to create a blog website.

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Let’s go now, let’s see what are the advantages and differences between these two platforms.

✳ What is the difference between WordPress and blogs?

(1). Setting up a new blog:

Blogger: Creating a blog website is very easy. To create a blog site, go to the website and enter the “Create your blog” option. Then, you can create your own blog website by selecting title, description and theme.

WordPress: Creating a website in WordPress is a bit difficult. If you want to create a website in WordPress, you need to acquire knowledge about WordPress CMS. WordPress is a CMS software. You will need hosting to install this software. Moreover, if you want to create a blog by installing WordPress on your web hosting, you need to know the rules of use. You will find many videos about WordPress on YouTube. You can gain knowledge about WordPress by watching these videos.

(2). Ownership rights:

Blogger: If you use a blog website, then you must own the blog. However, you will not have full ownership of the blog. Because your blog will be hosted on Google’s hosting server and you will have no control over that server. So Google can shut down your blog website at any time. However, the chances of the blog website being shut down are very low.

WordPress: If you create a blog using WordPress, you can control everything in the blog yourself. Because you have to install the site on your own hosting in WordPress, so you can control everything yourself. Also, you can control the hosting server changes, backups, data recovery.

(3).Design & function:

Blogger: Blogger is very easy and very fast website design. However, the features and functions of Blogger are very limited. ‌ You can use your own customization options and functions on Blogger. However, if you want to make your blog interesting and design, you can use some plugins. No matter how many plugins you install on Blogger, the website will not look good.

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WordPress: WordPress lets you design and manage your own site. Because you will get thousands of free and paid plugins in WordPress, you can use them to make your website attractive.

You will also find a collection of more than 7000+ free themes on the website. Which can be used to make the website attractive very easily. WordPress websites have a theme customization system, which you can use to design the website to your liking. WordPress is an open source software, so you can add various new features and functions to your blog.

(4). Security:

Blogger: Since the Blogger platform is powered by Google, you don’t have to worry about Blogger’s security. However, there is a problem. If for some reason the Blogger server is down then your website will also be down. You cannot activate your site on your own if you want to. You have to wait to get rid of this problem.

WordPress: WordPress security is very strong. However, in the case of WordPress, backup, security, login protection, you may encounter some problems. No worries, you can keep your website safe by using various free WordPress plugins. For example, you can use the Wordfence plugin for fake login protection, firewall and security.

(5). How much does it cost to create a blog:

Blogger: There is no cost to create a Blogger website. You can create a blog website for free. Moreover, those who are thinking of creating a free website can use Blogger.

WordPress: WordPress is a CMS software. You will need a hosting account to install this software. You will also need to register a domain. For this you have to pay the hosting provider every year.

(6). SEO (Search engine optimization):

It is very important for a blogger to think about SEO or search engine optimization. Because SEO depends on the future of your site. So you need to choose a platform that will have all the benefits of SEO.

Blogger SEO: Blogger’s SEO system is much weaker than WordPress. Because Blogger does not give you “SEO optimization functions” in a different way. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

WordPress SEO: WordPress platform plays an important role in SEO. Because here you can make your website SEO friendly by using the SEO plugin for free. Things that are important in the case of SEO such as: Robot.txt file, sitemap, On-page seo, https redirection etc. You can do the work using the plugin. Also yoast SEO plugin for SEO is extremely popular and one of the most used plugin.

(7). The future of WordPress and Blogger:

Analyzing the current popularity of Blogger and WordPress, it can be said that the future of the two platforms is good. However, over the years, users have been giving more prominence to WordPress than Blogger, and “WordPress” has become a professional platform. So, the future of WordPress is much brighter than that of blogger. Moreover, the Blogger platform is powered directly by Google. Google may block this platform at any time. And the chances of the WordPress platform shutting down are slim.

Watch the video below to learn more about Blogger and WordPress.‌ ⏬⏬



Tip: WordPress and Blogger are two very popular platforms for users. Now you choose which platform you will use.‌ However, if you want to open a website for personal work, you can use Blogger. And if you want to create a website professionally, you can use WordPress. If you like the article, please comment. Thank you.


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