Top 5 Sites for Copyright and Royalty Free Images and Photos

People who work online need a copyright-free image all the time. Also if you create a new blog website there is an image needed to publish the article. However, if you want, you can search the internet and find many images, if you use them in your blog, you may face various problems. That is why we always give utmost importance to copyright-free images. And in today’s article I will show you how to collect copyright free images.

▪ What Is Stock Image? Copyright free image?

Many bloggers use their blog website by downloading images from Google. Doing so may deactivate your blog website. Because block websites never support images owned by others. Remember, 70% of the images found on Google are owned by someone else. The remaining 30% of the images are copyright free. When you download someone else’s image from Google and use it on your own website, the actual owner of the image has the power to take legal action against you.

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In this case, you could be sentenced to jail-fine or both. So, as a blogger you should use copyright or royalty free stock images. There are countless website owners on the Internet who collect images from photographers or graphic designers and upload them to their websites. All these websites are called “stock image websites”. These images are later available for download to various companies, individuals and organizations for free and for a fee. You can download all these royalty free image websites and use them anywhere. Because no one owns the royalty free images. So these have the opportunity to be used everywhere. You can use these images on your blog website if you want. Hope you understand what copyright free and stock image websites are.

▪ Top 5 Free Stock Image Websites:

Today I will discuss five royalty free stock image web sites. From all these websites you can download royalty free or copyright free pictures for free. First of all I said you can use these pictures anywhere, because no one has the power to claim ownership of these pictures.

(1). Freedigitalphotos.Net

You can download images and high quality ‌illustrations for free from Freedigitalphotos website. Not only this, you can use these pictures for personal, business or educational and commercial purposes.



But if you want to download extra quality finished images then you have to spend money.

✴ Website URL –


Photopin is a popular stock image website. Like all other websites, here you will find millions of royalty free images. Millions of images will appear in front of you if you search by typing in the subject you are interested in downloading. But the most interesting thing is that here you can download pictures of any size. E.g .: 75 x 75 px, 150 x 150 px, 240 x 176 px, 320 x 235 px, 1024 x 768 px, 3664 x 2748 px.

Here you will find pictures of all sizes, select the size you like and download.

✴ Website URL –


Stockvault is a very popular website. Above all, there are quality images. This website is very popular with the users due to its attractive features. However, before downloading the picture from this website, you should check the license type. Because not all images on this website are copyright free.

So, you can use the images that have commercial or Creative Commons license for free. However, you should not use this website if you are a new blogger.

✴ Website URL –


Pixabey is one of the most popular websites I’ve talked about so far. Because bloggers download the most pictures from here. You will also find most images on the Pixabey website with a commercial license.

The most interesting thing is to download pictures of different sizes from Pixabey website as well as pictures in different formats such as: PNG, JPG and SVG formats. There is also the facility to download transparent vector graphics from this popular web site.

✴ Website URL –


Pexels is an image stock website popular with all bloggers. Because, you will get most of the pictures in this website with commercial license. It is currently more popular among image stock websites. From normal quality to high quality complete pictures can be downloaded on this website.

Like all other websites, there are various benefits. Most bloggers on the internet use pictures from this website. Because there is no problem in using the pictures of this website. So those new bloggers can easily use this website.

✴ Website URL –

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Then I hope you understand how to get copyright free and royalty free images. Today I just discussed five royalty free image websites. But there are countless websites on the Internet that you can download and use for free. Let me know by commenting to get more articles like this. Thanks


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