Which is preferable to buy laptop or Desktop? Which to buy?

Laptop or desktop? Which to buy? With the rise of the Internet, the demand for laptops and desktops has multiplied. In this age of technology, nothing can be imagined without laptops. Laptops have made an impact everywhere from the office to space.

So if you are thinking of buying a laptop for home or office work then keep reading the following article till the end. Hopefully, through today’s article, you can understand which laptop or desktop would be better for you? Laptop or desktop? Which to buy? Which will be better for you? What are the advantages of desktop computer? What are the advantages of laptop?‌ What are the disadvantages of laptops and desktops? You will find the answers to all these questions through today’s article. So let’s get started:-

✳ Which is better, desktop computer or laptop?

Which laptop or desktop to buy? To know the answer to this question, first you need to know what are laptops and desktops? What is the difference between a laptop and a desktop? If you know these two things, you will be able to understand which one will be better for you. Now let’s see what is the difference between laptop and desktop?

What is desktop? The Windows that appears on the monitor screen when you turn on a computer running the Windows operating system is called the desktop. Generally speaking, it is used to place a computer on a desk, which is why it is called a desktop computer. ‌ Again, many people call the computer connected to the monitor and CPU separately as desktop.

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What is a laptop? Typically, a computer connected to a monitor and CPU is called a laptop. A laptop is a portable device that is capable of working just as well as a full desktop. Many people also call the laptop PC or personal computer.

What are the advantages of desktop computer?

(1). Upgrade Hardware anytime: The most convenient thing about the desktop is that it can be easily upgraded. This means you can easily change any part of your desktop or hardware.

(2). Possible to use larger display screen: Desktop users can change the skin of the desktop at home and put a larger screen. Especially those who play games on desktop and do video editing often need big skin.

(3). Cheaper than laptops & tablets: Desktops can be made at a much lower cost than laptops. It costs around Rs 50,000 to buy a laptop where you can make a desktop with only Rs 20,000.

(4). Unbearable: The desktop has many different parts which makes it not easy to carry. That’s why everyone prefers laptops to desktops.


What are the advantages of laptop?

(1). Easy to carry: Due to the small size of the laptop can be carried anywhere. At present, this issue is playing a very important role in the demand for laptops in the marketplaces.

(2). Battery for backup: The most important thing about a laptop is that it can be used without electricity. So it is most popular with users.

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(3). Stylish & slim: Thanks to technology, new features are constantly being added to laptops. It is popular with everyone because of the attractive features and captivating design of the laptop.

(4). Powerful: ‌ All the great performance is being added to the current laptops for the benefit of technology. So that it can complete any task quickly. ‌‌ Various purses are also being added to the current laptops through nanotechnology. Which is multiplying the work efficiency of the laptop.

Come to the point: now you decide for yourself whether to buy a laptop or a desktop? Hope you understand the difference between laptop and desktop through today’s article.

Many thanks for reading this article.


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