Stop annoying ads on Android mobile phones

Many people are currently using Android mobile. The number of Android users is increasing rapidly day by day. Due to all the interesting features, the Android version has gained popularity very fast. However, users have to face many problems while using Android mobile. Such as: annoying ad ads on Android mobile, which is very annoying for users. Not only that, there is a risk of virus or malware entering Android mobile through these advertisements.

In this case, many people try to stop these annoying ads, but stopping these ads is not an easy task. However, there are some strategies to block all ads that appear when using YouTube and the Internet.

So today I will show you how to stop annoying ads on Android mobile. Today I will present to you 5 strategies to stop annoying ads. Hopefully by adopting these strategies you can easily protect your mobile from annoying ads.

▫Why do ads come on mobile?

When you download and install software from the Google Play Store or anywhere else, there is something to do with that software. Ad-framework, adware virus, advertising script takes place.

As a result, when you connect the internet connection to the Android phone, all these software start working on their own. Due to which various annoying advertisements are displayed in front of you while using the internet. The makers of these apps use adware viruses or scripts to make more money. Which makes the internet annoying again and again. However, if you want, you can get rid of all these annoying ads.

▫ Rules and ways to stop annoying ads on Android mobile?

The reason for these annoying ads on Android mobiles is the use of third party apps. If you understand which apps show these ads, then delete those apps or restart your mobile phone. Then your problem will be solved.

But, if you want to get rid of this problem without restarting your mobile phone, follow the strategies below. Hopefully then your problem will be solved.

(1). Use malewarebytes to remove adware virus:

If you want to get rid of annoying ads on Android mobile, you can use Malwarebytes security software. You can easily protect your mobile phone from annoying ads by using this software. However, you will be charged for using this software. But you can use this software as a 30 day trial.

There is a free version of Malwarebytes security apps. Which will find and delete mobile viruses and malicious scripts. But there is no resistance against all these viruses.

✳ Download: Malwarebytes for Android – Antivirus for Android

If you install malwarebytes security software on your mobile and scan it, you will catch all the hidden viruses and scripts. After that, if you delete those virus or adware scripts, the annoying ads will stop coming to your mobile.

(2). Remove Untrusted apps:

Many of us download software from various third-party websites to use the software for free which should not be at all.

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Remember, if you need any necessary software, you must download it from the Google Play Store. Because you will get complete virus free software in Google Play Store. If you download the software using a third party website, there is a possibility that the software contains adware virus. So don’t download software from anywhere other than Google Play Store.

(3). AirPush detector app:

Advertising is often displayed through software downloaded from various websites and software downloaded from the Google Play Store. If you want to find out the source of these ads, you need to use the Airpush detector application.

Because, that Airpush detector scans your mobile and helps to find out which software is using notification ad framework.

✳ Download Link: AirPush Detector 3.2 for Android – Download

Airpush detector doesn’t stop ads from coming to your mobile, but it helps you to know which apps display ads again and again. With this, you can easily remove or delete these apps and get rid of annoying ads.

(4). Use ad blocker apps:

There is some software to block ad block or advertisement on mobile. Which will allow you to temporarily block some ads. However, all these softwares do not play a very effective role. You can get rid of this problem of advertising by using some software such as Adblock plus, adguard content blocker, Adaway, Block this, Adclear by seven networks etc. to block ads on mobile. All these apps can be used for free by searching in the Play Store.

(5). Format or Restore mobile:

If you’re still protected from annoying ads after you’ve done all of the above, your phone must be restarted or your settings restored.

If you go to settings and fully recover the mobile, all your settings will be returned to the previous state: and, all the infected apps, adware script, notification framework attached to your mobile will be deleted.

Note: If the ads do not go away from the mobile even after following the above methods, then you have to restore or format the mobile.

Hopefully by following the above rules you will be protected from annoying advertisements on mobile phones.



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