How to upload photo on google search engine 2020

If we type something in Google and search, we see many pictures. Many of us want to upload pictures to Google. I mean, if someone enters our name and searches on Google, our picture comes up.

For example, if you search the name of a celebrity on Google, then the picture comes with its basic information. By looking at the pictures of these celebrities in Google search, you may also want to upload pictures on Google. So today I will show you how to add your picture in Google search.

💥 How to upload photo on google search engine?

Many people think of Google as a data storage website. In fact Google is not a data storage website, it is basically a search engine website. Google is a search engine, when you type in something and search on Google, Google’s robots collect information from various web sites and display it to you. So when a user searches Google by typing something, Google collects the information related to the search topic from various websites and blog sites and lists them and shows them in your search results. I hope you understand that the images or information that Google shows you are not Google’s own. So you can’t upload image, video, audio files directly to Google.

💥 What do I need to do to upload my pictures to Google?

Now you may have a question, how do I add my picture to Google? Yes, there are some rules for adding your picture to Google. You can show your pictures on Google by following the rules below.

  • Social Media
  • Website & Blogging
  • YouTube Thumbnail
  • Profile Creation

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The above four mediums: You can show your pictures on Google. As a result, Google will list your image in the search engine and if someone searches Google for your image, Google will show your image in its results.

(1). Using social media: You can use your image on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram profile and display it on Google search page. When “Google search crawlers” come to collect information on various social media websites, they collect your uploaded image in their search list.

As a result, if someone searches Google by typing the title or name with which you uploaded the image to your social media profile, the searcher will see your image on Google.

(2). Create a website or blog: Show pictures on Google: Blogs are the easiest way to display your pictures on the internet or Google. You can easily show your pictures on Google by creating block websites. To do this, go to the website, write an article and publish it by adding your picture.

In this way, if you add your picture with the article on the blog website, Google will add your picture to its list in a few days. However, when using photos on your blog or website, be sure to use “Alt text” in them. Because “Alt text” is the text that you will use, someone will search on Google and your photo will be seen on Google.

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(3). Via YouTube thumbnail: When youtubers upload videos to YouTube, they upload a thumbnail with the video. The thumbnail used in YouTube videos is stored by Google search robots.

If you do a Google search for the title of your uploaded video on YouTube, you will see the thumbnail image on Google.



(4). Create a profile on popular websites: There are many websites where you can create a profile and show your profile photo on Google.

For example: Blogadda, Quora, Indiblogger and many more. Where you can create a profile and display the profile picture on Google.

But remember, after creating a personal profile on all these websites, don’t forget to upload the profile picture.


Last word: I hope you understand how to upload your own picture to Google. Also, if there is any problem, you must let us know by commenting. Thanks



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