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Create a new blog, know what to do? If you are new to the blogging world, you need to know about blogging before you start blogging. Remember, even if you start blogging as a hobby, it can become a profession in your daily life. Currently many students are making millions of money every month by blogging. Not only that, there are so many bloggers around the world who are blogging every month to earn so much money from Google Adsense that you can not imagine. So those who waste unnecessary time on Facebook can benefit financially by blogging. Before you start blogging, you need to know about blogging. So let’s not know how to blog and make money through today’s article.

⚛ What is Blogging? Learn about blogging.

Blogging is one of the most popular places on the Internet to express personal opinions, share information and discuss various aspects of daily life. Blogging can earn a lot of money every month, which is why the demand for blogging is constantly increasing. Blogging is open to everyone and anyone can earn income by blogging. In 1997, a US citizen by the name of Jim Berger first coined the term “Weblog.” Later, around 1999, Peter Merholz used the word “blog”, sharing the word “weblog”. Most of the bloggers are currently blogging about certain topics.

⚛ What is a blogger? What does a blogger say?

A blogger is usually a person who writes about various topics on a blog website. Or a blogger who writes about various events, news, personal biographies and politics that happen in people’s daily lives.

⚛ What to know before starting blogging?

If you want to be successful in a task or have started, you need to gain a lot of knowledge about that work. If you do not know about blogging then you will not be successful. This is why you need to plan ahead before you start blogging so you can succeed. First of all, make sure you want to blog about something. But I would suggest you start blogging on the topic you are interested in. In it you can develop your talent by bringing what you know to people.‌

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The most important thing to do before starting blogging is to choose a domain. Domain name is the address or URL of the website. Domain names play an important role in attracting readers. So research before buying a domain. Always try to keep the domain name short so readers can remember it very easily. Before you start blogging, you should prioritize two things.

  1. Blog about the things you are most passionate about.
  2. Start blogging about popular topics.

Tip: If you want to be successful by blogging, then work on popular topics. Remember, there are currently many bloggers around the world. You have to survive by competing with these bloggers. So always take the opinion of readers first. Many bloggers have succeeded so work patiently so you too will succeed.

⚛ What does it take to start blogging?

It usually doesn’t take a while to start blogging. But initially you will need some materials. Which you can easily save. What it takes to blog:

  1. A laptop or computer.
  2. Internet connection.
  3. Email or Gmail account.
  4. A domain and hosting Account.

⚛ Here’s my complete step-by-step process for how to make money blogging:

There are many questions about how to start blogging and how to earn money by blogging. You will understand how to earn money by blogging by reading the following article.

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(1). Choosing the right domain name: Before you start blogging or creating a blog site, you must first select a paid domain. There are currently many domain providers around the world from which you can collect domains.

(2). Using a good quality hosting service: After selecting the domain name you will need to purchase a hosting service. If you search the internet you will find many hosting companies from which you can buy hosting according to your needs. However, before buying hosting, you must know what the hosting service is like, customer review and support service.

(3). Designing a Blog: Once the domain and hosting has been purchased, you have to design your blog site. To do this, first you need to install WordPress CMS on the hosting cpanel. Once the WordPress CMS is installed, install a theme of your choice and customize it as needed. ‌ You will find many videos on YouTube on how to install WordPress and customize the theme: you can design your own blog site by watching them. And if you can’t design a web site, you can work with any webmaster or web developer you know.

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(4). Writing and publishing content on the blog: Once the blog site is fully designed and customized, you will need to write an article on your blog site. That’s why I said first, try to write an article on the subject you are good at. However, when writing an article, always present truthful and informative words. Write the article in such a way that the readers can easily accept and understand it. Once the article is written, share your article on various social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

(5). Adding AdSense or Sponsorship to Blogs: After finishing the above 4 tasks, readers will start coming to your blog. When readers come to your blog and read the blog post and your blog becomes popular, you will apply for ads from Google AdSense and other companies. Then Google Adsense or sponsored companies approve your blog for advertising, you can connect it to your blog site and earn from it every month. Also, when your block is popular, various sponsoring companies will contact you for sponsorship.

The popularity of blog websites is constantly increasing. Many students and youth are currently actively involved in blogging. So you too can benefit financially by blogging. If you like today’s article, share it with your friends and stay with us.



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