What is Domain Authority? How to check?

What is Domain Authority? How to check‌ domain authority? If you work with WordPress or blog websites, it is good to know about domain authority. The Domain Authority or DA is closely involved with search engine traffic or the SEO. So to get your website on the first page of search engines, it is very important to know about domain authority.

✳ What Is Domain Authority? 

Domain Authority is the SEO ranking score of a website that is managed by a moz organization company. The domain authority of a website determines how much the website will rank in search engines. How popular a website will be with its content in search engines can be estimated through domain authority or DA. The better the domain authority of your website, the more popular the website will be in the Google search engine. So it is important to keep an eye on the content of the website as well as the domain authority.

Example: Suppose two websites have two articles on the same subject. So, which website article will Google show first in search results?

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Ans: The article will appear first in the Google search results on the website which has higher domain authority or DA score between the two websites.

Therefore, the website with the highest DA score will have the opportunity to quickly rank articles on Google. Website domain authority can range from 1 to 100. And the higher the domain authority score of the website, the higher the website will rank. However, even if the website’s DA score is usually between 20 and 50, it has the ability to rank articles with low competition keywords.

✳ How to check domain authority of a website?

There are many websites online to check DA scores. Websites from which you can check your website’s domain authority or DA score for free. For your convenience, below is a link to a popular website from where you can find out the DA score on your website.

🔘 Domain Authority Checker

After going to the website above, you have to enter your website address or URL in the empty box.

Free Domain authority check

Then, clicking on the Go icon will display your website’s DA score.

There are also many free tools to check a website’s domain authority score for free. You can check the DA score of your website for free using all those tools.

✳ How to increase the domain authority of the website?

As I said before, the Domain Authority plays an important role in ranking a website on Google. So it is very important to increase the domain authority of all bloggers and website owners. Below are some strategies to increase the domain authority of the website.

5 Simple Steps To Increase Your Domain Authority:


(1). Write high quality article: Try to write quality articles on your blog or website. As if the reader reads the article and gets a good idea on the topic he is searching for.

(2). On page SEO: On page SEO will give the most importance on the subject. Because your website’s DA score depends on onpage SEO

Therefore, onpage SEO such as: article titles, keyword density, keyword placement, image optimization should be given more importance.

(3). Internal linking Articles: Internal linking is a system through which one article is linked to another article through links. With this system the viewer stays on your website longer which can increase the DA score on the website.

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(4). Publish regular articles: What kind of articles you are publishing in your blog every month but it affects DA. ‌ Try to write 15 to 20 articles per month. This will increase the blog’s DA score at a faster pace.

(5). Generate high quality backlinks: Creating high quality backlinks for blogs is not an easy task at all. However, if you can endure this difficult task with patience, your search engine rankings will increase as your DA increases.

WARNING: Remember, many bloggers follow some low quality backlink methods to create backlinks to websites quickly and easily. Using this type of low quality backlink method can be less than increasing the rank of your website.

Dear reader, I hope you understand how to check the domain authority of the website and how to increase the DA score on the website. If you like the article, be sure to share it with your friends. Stay well, stay healthy with this desire.



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