What is the Internet and how does it work?

What is the Internet? The Internet is a huge medium that connects computers all over the world. The Internet can be described as a spider’s web.

Now the article you are reading has also become possible through the internet. Maybe you are using the Internet through a computer or your favorite smartphone. But you need to have an internet connection on your computer to display or use my website online. Without an internet connection you will not be able to use my web site online or Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. Currently the world is moving forward with the technology. And technology has developed so much for the welfare of the Internet. Now the Internet has made many impossible tasks possible, and made difficult human tasks easier.

The idea of using the Internet began in the 1950’s, but in the 1960’s the US military began using the Internet to maintain its communications. However, in 1989, with many problems, it was made public. The Internet is currently being used in 210 countries around the world.

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Internet is being used everywhere in the present world. Without the Internet, nothing can be imagined. The activities of big offices-courts, mills, educational institutions are being conducted through internet. Through the internet, a person can easily do the work of many people alone without any fatigue. Even student test results, weather news, online shopping, video chatting with distant friends are all contributing to the Internet. In this age of technology, nothing can be imagined without the Internet. Not only that, messages sent from space can be easily accessed via the Internet. Through the Internet we can watch TV broadcasts ‌‌ and through the computer network or the Internet we can connect live with distant friends, which would never have been possible without the Internet.

In fact, the invention of the Internet has met our unmet needs in human life. Without the Internet, we might not know anything about the outside world.

So let’s not know what the Internet is now? How does the Internet work? What are the benefits of internet and what are the advantages and disadvantages of internet?

✳ How does the Internet work?

When using the Internet, you first connect yourself to a local network. Later it is connected to another network, thus expanding like a mesh. This is why your modem is connected to a local internet service provider. Later that internet service provider or ISP starts connecting with other internet service providers. In this way, from ISP to ISP, it is connected to the local area. Finally the internet connection is connected to the fiber optics at the bottom of the sea through the ISP across the country.

Optical fibers connect to the Internet through translective data. This Internet connection is connected to other computers around the world through optical fiber at the bottom of the ocean. In this way the Internet connects with different computers from one country to another. However, cellular networks are commonly used in mobile phones. The mobile internet connection first goes to a local tower and from there connects to another company through an ISP connection.

✳ What are the requirements of internet?

The contribution of the Internet to the development of human civilization in this age of technology cannot be expressed in words. The contribution of the Internet to this improvement of human civilization is immense. In this age of technology nothing can be imagined without the internet. The quality of life has become much easier with the help of internet. Without the Internet, perhaps mankind would never have thought of such an improvement.

Dear reader, read the article at the end to know more about the requirements of internet and the advantages and disadvantages of internet. Hopefully today’s article will tell you a lot about the Internet.

✳ What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet?

Although the internet was invented for the benefit of human beings, it has some disadvantages. People of all ages, from young to old, use the Internet. But there are some advantages and disadvantages to using the internet. Let’s not know about the advantages and disadvantages, advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. The Internet is playing a vital role in the welfare of mankind. The welfare of the internet has changed a lot in people’s lives. So let’s not know the benefits of the Internet.

✡ The benefits of the Internet:

◼ With the help of internet, it is very easy to communicate with distant people.

◼ Study can be done with the help of internet. At present in many countries of the world students take classes through internet.

◼ Entertainment is available using the internet in leisure time.

◼ Necessary items can be purchased online with the help of internet.

◼ With the help of the Internet, everything is possible from home to healthcare to the cost of a train ticket. For example, many things can be done through the internet, including emergency health care, online shopping, balance transfer, airline ticketing, gas bill payment, electricity bill, etc.

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◼ Nowadays money can be made by outsourcing on the internet.

◼ With the help of internet, office files can be sent to other places in PDF format.

◼ With the help of the internet, events that happen in any part of the world can be easily seen in the form of videos.


Disadvantages of the Internet:

◼ Everything has its pros and cons. There are many advantages to using the Internet, but there are disadvantages. Let’s not know about the malfunction of the internet.

◼ Using the internet all day is making people lazy.

◼ Due to unnecessary internet usage, valuable time is being wasted from people’s lives.

◼ The use of the Internet is hampering the learning of students.

◼ For many nights due to internet access, various diseases like headache, eye problems, cervical spondylitis, insomnia, etc. are on the rise.

◼ With the use of the Internet, the distance between people’s family relationships is increasing.

◼ Due to the use of internet, various illegal activities such as cyber crime, porn addiction, drug addiction, murder, gambling, rape, cheating are increasing.

◼ People are being deceived a lot through the internet.

Hopefully today’s article will help you understand how the Internet works and the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. To be the first to receive any technology updates, visit the website Presenttimeworld.com Thanks.



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