8 Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers: 2020

How to get More YouTube Subscribers? 8 New Tips: 2020

The popularity of YouTube is increasing daily. People do not just come to YouTube to watch videos, but many use YouTube to earn money from YouTube. There are many youtubers who upload millions of videos on YouTube and earn millions every month. But if you want to earn money from YouTube then you need to open a YouTube channel. Details on how to open a YouTube channel are given in the link below.

✡ How To Create a YouTube Channel in 2020

Suppose you open a YouTube channel but do not receive a subscriber and view, but you cannot earn money from YouTube. If you want to earn money from YouTube, it is very important that you have a channel subscriber and view. Because of that, your income will depend on the subscriber and the view. The more views and subscribers your channel has, the more money you can earn. There are many people who open YouTube channels to earn money from YouTube, but can not earn due to lack of views and subscribers. With this article I will show you how to increase subscribers on YouTube channels.


(1). Create high quality video: Keep a close eye on the quality of the videos you upload to YouTube. Note that if your video quality is not good, users will skip your channel. So try to make quality videos. Things you need to know when wanting to complete a video quality:

  • Try to improve the sound quality of the video. Your video can be easily understood by people.
  • Add important information to the video. Give some information in the video that will attract people.
  • Create video thumbnails that are engaging and startling, so that people play your video without seeing the thumbnail.
  • Keep video titles short and beautiful. Use titles in videos that are easily accepted by users.


Note: Remember, video quality is not complete only when the video resolution is high.

(2). Keep Video Length Short: Many people upload long length videos to YouTube, which is not fair. Users are annoyed and skipped when uploading long length videos. So always try to keep the length of the video short. Then you will see that your channel subscriptions will continue to grow.

(3). Request people to subscribe to your channel: There are many users on YouTube who go away after watching the video. You are invited to subscribe to your channel at the beginning and end of the video. Subscribing can be very courteous as well as something fun to say that encourages users to subscribe.

(4). Share on Social Media: Currently popular social media can see the overwhelming crowd of users. So share the link to your YouTube channel on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. It is possible for YouTube channels to bring in a large number of subscribers from Facebook. So share your videos and links to YouTube channels on social media regularly. This will help people to know about your YouTube channel through social media.

(5). Upload videos continuously to your channel: If you want to retain the YouTube channel subscribers, you must upload videos on a regular basis. This will increase the views of the videos on your channel as the subscribers increase. So try to upload videos to your YouTube channel on a regular basis.

(6). Emphasize the viewer’s comments: There are many viewers who comment on the video and do not reply to them. This makes the viewer or commenter dissatisfied. So try to reply to the comments regularly so that the commenter will keep an eye on your channel.

(7). Comment on others’ videos: Comment on other videos from your YouTube channel. Commenting on others’ YouTube videos can create a backlink to your channel through comments and get viewers to your channel from there. The YouTube algorithm can also override your channel by monitoring your activity.

✳ Attention Please: But do not comment on your YouTube channel other than negative videos. Avoid making such comments because such comments give negative feedback to YouTube algorithms and users.

(8). Be more active on YouTube: If you want to be successful on YouTube, be more active. At first you have to work hard for the YouTube channel. If you are more active on YouTube, the YouTube algorithm will rank your videos. So be more active on YouTube early on, and prioritize user feedback.


More suggestion: You don’t have to work hard to increase subscribers on YouTube. But keep in mind that if you want to increase subscribers to the YouTube channel, you need to increase the view on the video. Because the view in your video will actually increase the number of subscribers. So in addition to increasing subscribers, try to bring a lot of viewers to the video. I will discuss later how to increase the view on a YouTube video. Be good, be healthy in this desire. Thanks



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